King of RPGs: The Beginning


If you’ve read the graphic novels by me and Victor Hao, you already know the story of the World’s Greatest Roleplayers and their saga at University of California at Escondido. Today, February 1st, we’re starting a webcomic! This has been in the works for awhile, but life (and Kickstarter projects) get in the way, and it’s only now that we’ve built up a cushy backlog of strips, like winter fat on an owlbear.

New strips will go up two or three times weekly for the first few months. Whether you’ve read the original graphic novels, or whether this is the first time you’ve seen these strange people with hats, we hope you’ll follow us! If you want to know more, check out the video trailer or these sample pages from the graphic novel. Or, perhaps even the art gallery. There’s even more sketches in the archives, plus D&D stats for all the major King of RPGs characters, but that’s getting down to the really deep levels…

Anyway, we’re happy to announce the King of RPGs webcomic. Hang out with us. Wait for new strips to spawn. It ties in to the graphic novels. It’ll all make sense. We promise.

And if you haven’t seen it before, this is the Tokyopop submission that started it all!


Wow this page is immensely wide. Stylish to the rescue!

Good to see this online. I picked up the first book at an A-kon and have been wanting a webcomic version ever since.

Holy crud, did you buy it from our table at A-kon in 2010?!?! That was a fun convention! :) Nice to meet you online!

Thanks for tracking us down. I’m still working on some formatting issues with the webcomic (for instance, fixing the immense amount of white space on the sides). There are also a few pages in the recent batch (May 2012) that I need to go back and make some edits & redraws on. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I’m all ears!

Also, I think it’s a wise choice to dedcie not to narrow your skills down to just webcomics. Though I don’t think anyone would stop you from making the occasional webcomic.I ‘d. I lol’d. Much internet satisfaction came from your comics.

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