The Hundred Years War: Part 13


When is this updated? I’ve just recently became a fan of this comic, but it’s been a while without a new strip, so, where can I get some info on the updates or whatever? Thanks! Awesome work.

Hey Samuel! Sorry that the site is so cobwebby right now; I’ve been busy working on other gaming comics. I will definitely finish the current “100 Years’ War” storyline, though, and I’ll post on twitter (@mockman) and the King of RPGs Facebook when it restarts.

I’m also sad that this project is on hold again. I’m looking at the NYAF badge from 2009 and remembered being really interested in a comic about tabletop RPGs… ah well. Good luck to you two! nwn

I’m sorry it ended up on hold too! Unfortunately it’s looking like I will not return to King of RPGs comics, for various reasons. I’ll be doing other RPG-related and comic-related stuff, but probably not this particular series. But I’m really grateful for your support and I really appreciate your comment; I’ll post more about it all soon.

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