King of RPGs Now On iTunes and Nook!

King of RPGs Now Available for Nook & iTunes!
Volumes 1-2 of the New York Times Bestselling Del Rey Graphic Novel Series
Now Available in Digital Editions
Seattle, WA (May 3, 2012)—The bestselling Del Rey graphic novel series King of RPGs by Jason Thompson and Victor Hao is now available digitally! Two ginormous volumes of the satirical gaming/shonen-manga mashup are now available instantly on the Nook and iBooks stores. Written by Jason Thompson (Manga: The Complete Guide) with art by Victor Hao, King of RPGs is the epic tale of a young man’s quest to escape his crippling World of Warfare addiction and his friend’s quest to become…the greatest game master in the world! 
“Really awesome. Funny and maniacal …nerd rage with a sentimental streak. Reminds me a lot of Evan Dorkin’s Eltingville Fan Club series, but updated for a new generation.”
Annalee Newitz,
At the University of California, Escondido, no one would guess that freshman Shesh Maccabee is a hardcore gamer—and in recovery to boot, following a court order, a wireless ban, and months of therapy. Everything’s going according to plan…until he visits the campus gaming club, where they meet Theodore, whose one goal is to run the greatest Mages & Monsters campaign ever GMed. Soon Shesh and his friends Mike and Jen are dragged into the world of hardcore gaming, where cops, lizard men, fanatical Gothémon collectors, and twenty-sided dice collide into the wildest dark comedy adventure ever rolled!
240 pages: $10.99 US
VOLUME 1 on iTunes
VOLUME 1 on Nook
“Awesome last-minute reversals of fortune and grand displays of role-playing at its best…It’s tons of fun, and even though it’s part of a continuing series, Thompson introduces all the players and keeps the story self-contained, making for a satisfying volume that works fine on its own…readers will be likely to want to jump into a role-playing game themselves.”
—Matt Brady, Warren Peace Sings the Blues
After an intense World of Warfare (WoW) bender, college freshman Shesh found himself completely consumed by the persona of his character, the mighty Moggrathka. Now, after months of therapy, Shesh is unsteadily back on his feet, focusing on passing his classes instead of slaying orcs. While Shesh’s friend Theodore tries to get Shesh back into his Mages & Monsters campaign, a new rival appears, and the WoW executives devise a sinister scheme to use Moggrathka in their plan for gaming domination…
272 pages • $10.99 US
VOLUME 2 on iTunes
VOLUME 2 on Nook
After you’ve read volumes 1 and 2, visit the King of RPGs Facebook page for more upcoming news about the King of RPGs series. Plus, explore the between-books new adventures of Theo, Shesh and the rest at King of RPGs: Chronicles, a webcomic updated Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Grab your dice and muster your fiery determination to join the legend of Earth’s greatest gamers!
Jason Thompson ( is the author of King of RPGs and the Eisner-nominated encyclopedia Manga: The Complete Guide. As a manga editor for VIZ and Del Rey, he has worked on the English editions of titles such as Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Z, Hana-Kimi, One Piece and Shaman King. He is also the artist of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath and Other Stories and The Doom That Came to Sarnath. 
Victor C. Hao ( is the artist of King of RPGs as well as Art Director and UX/UI Artist at Rocket Ninja. Victor currently resides in San Francisco and has an addiction to MMORPGs and Facebook games.


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