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King of RPGs Volume 1

King of RPGs Volume 2

All these sample pages are also available on the King of RPGs Flickr Page, or in the blog archive (search for the word “sample”).

King of RPGs 2004: The First Comic

King of RPGs started life as a submission to Tokyopop’s “Rising Stars of Manga” contest. This PDF contains the original 20-page submission drawn by Jason Thompson, plus a complete class list for Mages & Monsters 3.0!
King of RPGs 2004 PDF

King of RPGs 2005 (aka King of RPGs Gaiden)

The second King of RPGs strip ever drawn was this 8-page comic from 2005, also featuring Jen, Mike, Theo, Callie and Shesh (although none of them actually had names yet…).
King of RPGs 2005 PDF

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