Here’s what people are saying about King of RPGs:

“Really awesome. Funny and maniacal — nerd rage with a sentimental streak. Reminds me a lot of Evan Dorkin’s Eltingville Fan Club series, but updated for a new generation.”
Annalee Newitz,

“Victor Hao’s artwork is dynamic and he manages to bring the wild visual storytelling one would expect in a Football or Baseball Manga into a representation of tabletop game playing with remarkable skill… The panel to panel artistic storytelling is excellent… Thompson’s writing on the book is strong. I highly recommend the King of RPGs Manga for any gamer fan, or really for anyone who wants to read a funny over the top story about college kids.”
Christian Lindke’s Cinerati

“I can’t recommend King of RPGs enough… If you don’t laugh at some point, you have no soul (or at the very least an underdeveloped sense of humor.”
Lorena Nava Ruggero,

“A love letter to gamers and manga fans everywhere… genuinely witty dialogue… fast-paced, fun, and gleefully self-mocking, King of RPGs is a real treat for gamers and those who love them.”
Melinda Beasi,

“Increasingly hilarious… Tons of fun… about as good of a shonen manga experience as you’re likely to get originating on this side of the Pacific.”
Matthew J. Brady, Warren Peace Sings the Blues

“Energetic and engaging… a pleasant, damn-the-torpedoes kind of zaniness, which should find fans among people who like various kinds of games — as long as they don’t mind being made fun of, now and then.”
The Antic Musings of G.B.H. Hornswoggler, Gent.

“I loved this book… It was funny, entertaining, and I learned a bit about tabletop rpgs, as well as the people who play them. The over-the-top characters and witty dialogue really hooked me… Victor Hao’s art is really good.”
About Heroes

“Quite a fun read, well worth it’s asking price and I can’t wait for the next volume.”

“Delightfully over the top. As funny as it is action-packed, this manga is a shrewd comedy about geek culture.”
Largehearted Boy,

“It looks fantastic… the characters and dialogue are full of laugh-out-loud moments… The first volume of King of RPGs is a great start and sets us up for future adventures. If you have any interest in RPGs or any of the references I have mentioned, then I recommend you pick this up – and even if you’re not, it’s a well crafted, humorous story.”
— Reevothemusefan, Anime UK

“I really recommend it… it’s a fun book… a lot of funny jokes. I give it an 8.…It actually made me dig out my dicebag.”
Sci-Guys Podcast

“*** 1/2 (three and a half stars) All of the characters ring true… it has enough gaming in-jokes to satisfy the gaming crowd… but does not need in-depth gaming knowledge to get the humor and the story.”
Prospero’s Manga

“If anyone can do a brilliant, all-encompassing send-up of geek culture, it has to be Jason Thompson… Thompson’s passion shines through in this uproarious comedy.”
Carlo Santos, Anime News Network

“A really funny book with a lot of great nerd-related humor… wonderfully done… freaking hilarious and well written… it really should be on everyone’s “must read” list.”
The Anime Almanac

“Even if you’ve never played one game of Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic the Gathering, you can purchase this book and enjoy the artwork and manga-influenced storytelling… a love letter to manga… smart, witty and unpredictable.”
— Sean Russell,

“Brilliant . . . King of RPGs will ring true to anyone who knows their Wood Elves from their Drow.”
— Mark Barrowcliffe, Author, The Elfish Gene

“A fun-loving romp through gaming and geek culture, from CCGs to cosplay, with plenty of old-school roleplaying. It’s nice to see gaming get a manga treatment, with over-the-top heroes, dweebs, and villains.”
Jonathan Tweet, Lead Designer, Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition

“This comedy manga takes on the world of tabletop gaming by way of the shonen sports genre… Thompson’s enthusiasm for the subject matter is explosive… the plot turns smartly on a hinge, and the intended audience for this manga is reminded why they first became gamers.”
— Publishers Weekly

“This book was so funny!… The pure wit and perfect execution will have you fully enjoying this book… f^%#ing hilarious!”
— Chris Kirby, U.S. Anime Review

“I have literally laughed out loud at events in the comic that have essentially happened to me in my RPGer history… If you like RPGs, or any kind of game, you’ll find this a fun enough read, definitely worth dropping some money to read it. And if you’re a hard core RPGer (of any kind), you’ll pick this up and read it back to back in one sitting, giggling at all the jokes that you yourself have witnessed.”
— Wailiong Wong, Here Be Geeks

“Fans of role playing games will find much to delight in… Thompson and Hao have a handle on situation comedy… King of RPGs rang true to me.”
— Scott Green,

“A refreshing break from the sea of mediocrity that covers the OEL market… a fantastic read… I was laughing out loud literally every minute or so…”
— Evan Minto,

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