The Street Master

The Street Master, a participant in the King of RPGs Tournament, is dedicated to bringing tabletop roleplaying to the widest possible audience. To this end, he runs live roleplaying games in major urban areas or wherever he senses a need for gaming. Little is known about his personal life apart from the fact that he plays both D&D3e and 4e.

Here is the latest statement we have received from the Street Master: “The Street Master welcomes like minded individuals who have come together to play roleplaying games. Roleplaying is the highest expression of human nature…To join a roleplaying community, you do not need any membership, nor do you have to pay any dues. If you are a roleplayer, then you are our brother and sister! Join us in our cause!”

Would you like to have a personal RPG study and increase your knowledge of roleplaying games? Are you ready to devote your life absolutely to roleplaying alone? Can you handle the intensity? Email the streetmaster at or donate to support the Street Master’s efforts below!

The Street Master Manifesto – April 2011

San Francisco, CA

Camerapeople: Matt Lopez and Alistair Hamilton
Editor: John Dilley
Music: “Bees” by Caribou
Special thanks to Nathan Parker, Jason Shiga, Wes Moots, Jonathan Marinaro and the Cartoon Art Museum

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